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At McInnes IP Law, we understand our client’s aspirations and know their goals and concerns. We know, above all else, that every client is different and that listening to their goals and tailoring our approach to each client’s individual needs yields the best results. Our process is simple: get to know our clients first. Only after learning their goals and concerns do we then evaluate what they need. We provide thoughtful protection and management of their intellectual property, and clients can count on us to be accessible, explain things clearly, and trust that we always have their best interests at heart. And although we plan carefully to avoid potential problems, we are ready to handle any disputes or litigation that may occur. Our goal is to provide exceptional value for our clients and to treat them with respect. This is how we create lasting relationships.

Areas Of Practice

Patent registration and filing services


As a premier IP firm, we implement an aggressive strategy for defending against and asserting IP rights and have a proven track record for achieving success in legal cases.

copyright IP law services


Our copyright lawyers are here to help you protect your IP assets and business. We make it easy to register, protect, and enforce your copyright.

Trademark services to protect your IP


We work with brands and businesses of all sizes, so we can offer a range of services from simple trademark procurement to complex portfolio management.

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McInnes IP Law knows what it takes to create a compelling portfolio of intellectual property that will keep your company competitive and profitable. We've helped countless companies maintain an edge in the marketplace and compete with the big guys by having the right legal counsel on their side.

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